June 18, 2019 The killer climb

This entry is being written on the morning of the 19. The climb kicked the writer’s butt and he fell asleep after dinner.

We had a 52 mile ride and a 5400ft gain in elevation, that is the total we climbed.

The down hills were not that great as we also had to fight a head wind.

Most of the day was spent in this park.
Dinner at the end of the day just before the power outage

Power was lost just after our food was served. The whole town of Winthrop was without electricity. That did not both me as I went write to bed. Tomorrow, THEY say more mountains.


June 17, 2019 First Day

The beginning of the ride. It was 47 miles to Concrete, WA. We had a slight upgrade and a nice tail wind.

Our hotel was a real setup. No internet and the town had no cell service.

The first day’s ride was a slight up grade. This is being written on June 19 and I can only remember yesterday’s climb. That later.

June 16, 2019 Sunday evening

After a great breakfast at Joan’s home, Jeff and I headed to the airport to meet Michigan Peat and Steve.

We drove north to Anacortes, about a two hour drive. All of us were ready to ride so we started our trip earlier, this afternoon.

Franklin with his tail in salt water.

The short out and back was neat.

I think I saw this boat back in Phoenix at Tempe Town Lake.

June 16, 2019 Sunday morning

The first idea, What the hell am I doing? WOW am I nervous. This morning Jeff and I will leave Woodinville and head to the Seattle airport to find our leader. Michigan Peat and Steve.

Yesterday, Saturday, Jeff and the writer spent the day in downtown Seattle. We were one of the many tourist. We had a good walk along the waterfront. The crowds make me nervous but there was much people watching.

Jeff plans to hike as we, Peat, Steve and myself, ride. Jeff is the smart one BUT he went looking for, wait for it, BEAR SPRAY! What the devil is that?

Last night we took Joan out for dinner.

Breakfast and then off to the airport.

June 13, 2019 Thursday evening

Kharon, aka Jeff and Homer, aka the writer has settled in Wallace, Idaho. Population 960 folks. This week is the Cherry Festival. We met some new friends from Casa Grande, Arizona.

Franklin and friends
Franklin ready to call it a night.

June 13, 2019 Thursday

Last night dinner was Mexican. We, Jeff and the writer are in Gillette, WY. This is cowboy country. BUT no cowboy hats were seen. Then a woman walks in with spurs on her boots. They were the coolest, both the woman and the spurs. I want cowboy boots with spurs. We have gained two hours, time zones. Last night at 9:00pm, my body said it was 11. I went right to bed.

Our hotel last night, notice the STUFF on the roof.

Yesterday we took a side trip to Devils Tower.