March 16-2019 Saturday

It has been a good week. Franklin and I almost reached 150 miles.

Today’s ride, Saturday was a down hill ride from Fountain Hills. The first idea was to zoom down the Bee Line to home. The Bee Line is a divided highway with a wide berm but the writer’s zooming days are past. We took the easy ride through Fountain Hills.

Fountain Hills to home NOTE: The Bee Line is Rt 87
Franklin at the start
Franklin and George
Franklin spent two nights here by mistake

Last Sunday on my ride with Matt and Annika, we had chain trouble. This cause me to buy a chain gauge tool. One always needs a GOOD reason to buy a new tool. This tool measures the wear on the bicycle chain. My chain wear was way outside the limits so a new chain was installed.

Chain tool and new chain.

Thursday was a rest day. Franklin, Beatrice and this writer piled into the Raccoon car and drove to Anthem to visit my favorite couple Joan and Hall.

Joan and Hal
Joan and friend at Pleasant Lake

March 12-2019 Hot Chocolate ride before the rain

It rained most of the night but only a light mist when Franklin and the writer jumped on the bicycle. It was a ride to Panera. Franklin ordered his fav.

Franklin just before he was covered in whip cream.

Monday’s ride was with Matt and Annika. We rode east along the Salt River.

Sunday’s ride was with Matt and Annika. The idea was to ride west to the Phoenix football stadium. Bicycle trouble turned us around. Franklin tried to fix the bicycle but it needed a new chain. A spare was not carried.

Franklin working on Annika’s bicycle. No luck

BUT we were close to BIKE BARN. Dave opened up the shop for us and in no time we were back on the ride.

Dave with help from Franklin.

Bike Barn is a very good bike shop in Phoenix. Bike Barn, or 602 956 3870.

Franklin and the writer

March 7-2019 Riding in Phoenix

It has been a great week so far in Phoenix. The weather has been great. The writer has been able to leave the house at 7:30 am, in shorts and a wind break jacket.

Sunday 3-3-2019, with the help of Matt and Annika, the writer has slowly rediscover his explorer. NOTE: Matt and Annika have a neat BLOG/WEBSITE

We went south and had a great time. Franklin also had a great time.

Franklin and the writer at the home of the CUBS spring training field

Franklin helped Joe fix his tire.

Franklin and Trish, Louise’s new BFF

Monday, 3-4-2019, Sights around Phoenix

There would be a problem if the sign included foxes.
The last of the heavy two day rain.
Franklin and horse
Franklin, there is always room for a donut!

In past entries, the writer has made fun a the Mighty Salt River, sans water. Well I had to eat my words. Rain and snow melt did the trick and there is water in the Salt River.

Franklin knows his spot.
Down below us, fellas working on a flat roof. Franklin helped the writer with his leaky roof. Franklin wanted to help those fellas.

Beatrice also helped with the leaky roof.

Today, 3-7-2019, Franklin and the writer did more exploring.

Franklin played on some FOX BARS. The writer was NOT able to climb those things.

March 2-2019 Warm weather week

The warm weather has returned to Phoenix. The writer and Franklin had a good week on the bicycle.

Almost a 200 mile week.

Friday’s ride was interesting as Louise dropped us off way north in Phoenix. Franklin and the writer bicycled home.

Horse training ranch. No cowboys only Franklin.
Arizona horse
Franklin at a rest stop.
This is our favorite fountain. Franklin has faith in this writer.

The week has not been all fun and games. With two days of hard rain, we discovered a leak in our roof. The small hole kept expanding.

A covered over old sky light. small hole in the dome.
The small hole became larger.
Beatrice wanted to help.

With the warm weather, the Porches were out today, Saturday. They like to hang out at the Porsche Coffee Shop.

Today’s ride we met some new friends.

Woman from Ohio University. GO BOBCATS
Franklin with puppy dogs.

Feb 24 and 25-2019 Rides

Sunday the 24 was Silent Sunday. This means no cars at South Mountain Park. The popular ride is “to the towers.” Louise and I did not do this ride. We just bicycled on roads with out cars. Franklin and I plan to do the towers.

Franklin making sure NO CARS.

Franklin and this writer also rode around Scottsdale looking at the water from two days of rain.

The Salt River with water. RARE!

Spring Training has also started here in Phoenix.

Franklin ready for baseball.

Today, Feb 25 Monday was a ride from Fountain Hills to home. Louise and I drove to Fountain Hills to check out the snow peaks. I took the bicycle home.

Franklin and the FOUNTAIN.

The fountain of Fountain Hills rises out of the lake every hour for 15 minutes. This is the first time Franklin has seen the fountain.

There is a path between Scottsdale and Fountain Hills. The road has a gate both ends but bicycles can pass. THEY leave the gates partly open for bicyclist but not motorist. This is a gated community.

Gated community residents only but cyclist can pass.
Bicyclist can pass BUT others need a pass.

Feb 23-2019 After a two day break

The last two days, Feb 21, 22, it rained all the time. It was not a good day for riding the bicycle.

Beatrice at Panera for coffee

Artemis and I drove for coffee. This time last year I spent some time in the hospital with pneumonia. Artemis was send from Reno, NV to keep me company. My daughter Kate sent her. She and Major, the bear of balloons, did a great job. Major, the bear of balloons came from Dayton, OH, my son, Andy, sent him. Both Artemis and Major guard my bed at night.

As one can see, I cannot keep my buddies straight. The above picture is Beatrice. It was she and I who went for coffee. Beatrice rides with me in the raccoon car.

Artemis and Major pulling guard duty

Those two rarely leave the house.

BUT on to the bicycle rides.

I did two rides today. I left the house this morning with an outside temperature of 32F. The ride was a climb to the first castle.

The first castle on the return leg.
Looking south towards South Mountain Park. Trying to show snow on the peaks

The second ride this afternoon was to check the flood waters after two days of rain.

The bike path under Indian School Road.
More of the bike path under water.
Franklin and the writer checking the flooding.