July 26, 2019 Friday

I am home. The gang dropped Steve at the airport Sunday morning and then the three of us, Jeff, Pete and myself drive home. Sunday night was spent near Chicago and we arrive back in Michigan noon Monday. I loaded my car, said hello to Ajax, then headed from home in Ohio. 5:30 I was home. I was super glad to see my wife. Six weeks away is a long time. Next year we my have to ramp up our days to 100 miles. Fat chance.

Things I have learned:

Adventure Cycling Association maps are great. Now I will not be without them. It first I thought I did not need them. In the past tours, I had Q-sheets or I followed someone. This tour I rode mostly alone and I came to love the maps. The maps have much detail and great information on them.

I rode with a Garmin Edge 25. This tracked my ride so I had a copy of where I rode at the end of the day. That is what I posted each day. It has speed and mileage during the ride but to me the most important value was my cadence, how fast I was pedaling. It was very helpful as I climb long passes.

My new bicycle, bought last fall, Surly Disc Trucker, worked great. The gearing let me climb the mountains and the brakes slowed me down after I top the mountain passes.

A question was asked of me, What was the best part of the ride? The best part was being on the ride. It was something I have wanted to do and I thought my time has pasted. It has not.

Lastly I plan NOT to post as much on this blog. I plan to post my pictures and my facebook page. I will return to this blog in 2020 when I start my training for the second half of the ride.

Bismark, ND to Maine in 2020. Franklin is ready to go, why wait?

Thank you to all who have viewed this blog.

John, the writer, Schweitzer

Franklin and the writer arriving at HOME, 7-22-2019

July 20, 2019 Saturday The last Day

As the title says, today is our last day. We ended the ride in Bismark, North Dakota. It was a good 52 mile ride with a tail wind. We all met at McDonalds and Jeff ferried us to our hotel.

Salem Sue

We also had a parade in New Salem.

Leaving New Salem

The writer and Franklin at the END.


Sunday we will say Good Bye to Steve, he will fly back to Virginia, Jeff, Pete and myself will drive back to Michigan.

July 19, 2019 Friday

Yesterday, Thursday, we lost an hour as we traveled a couple of miles into North Dakota. And again I was tired. Thursday’s ride, 47 mile with a tail wind.

1500 HP motors for sale. One would not fit on my bicycle, had to pass the barging.

Today’s 54 mile ride. Cool and a small tail wind.

Sights on the second to the last day.

A merry-go-round Franklin can get into!

July 17, 2019 Wednesday

I am sitting on our back porch of the dude ranch. We are somewhere in North Dakota. Finally we have left Montana. The ride was great but for the last two miles on a dirt road to the ranch.

Our 60 mile ride from Glendive to somewhere in North Dakota was great with a tail wind. We had our first flat tire. Pete had two flats before he found a small piece of glass in the tire.

Franklin and new Friends.

The dude ranch Franklin wanted the top bunk.

July 16, 2019 Tuesday

Today’s ride was from Fort Peck to the highway 200. This was a 61 miles road with rolling hills and a good head wind.

This was a tough ride for me because of the up and down and the awful head wind. Jeff ferried us to Glendive and we are still in Montana.

The Power House as we cycled on the top of the dam.

Our host tonight in Glendive Cindy

July 15, 2019 Monday

Today is rest day in Fort Peck. We are not in Fort Beck, OK the writer is NOT that smart. We did not ride today but here is last week’s total.

This was last nights entertainment.

It was an interesting musical. Then on on road trip to the big town of Glasgow. We saw two of the four Wonderetts.

And there is Pete in the middle of nowhere, a normal state from him.

All four of the Marveletts

The gang Steve The writer Pete Jeff with Franklin