June 6, 2019 Thursday

It is getting very close to leaving date, June 11, for the big ride. This mornings ride was with a very good group. The leader is my mentor, Murray.

The ride was along the Ohio Erie Canal’s towpath. The towpath follows the Cuyahoga River. The Cuyahoga is a real river with water unlike the Salt River in Phoenix. The writer has made fun of the Salt River but it has a very good bicycle path.

On Tuesday, the writer rode with his very good friend Rosalind.

John and Rosalind

One might notice no Franklin. Franklin stayed in the car with Ajax. And did I get an earful when I returned to the car. Ajax and Franklin do not like each other. Ajax was jealous of Franklin. Franklin gets all of the attention while Ajax stayed back in Ohio to guard the car. Ajax is the BOSS. I promised Ajax he will go to Phoenix with us in the fall. He has traveled with me for work since 1996. The two worked together back in 2015 during my chemo treatment. They both had the same goal, keep the writer going.

The problem is Ajax is getting old and he does not travel well on the bicycle. Ajax is my car buddy and he will guard the car when I leave it in Michigan.

Franklin and Ajax trying to be nice

Ajax has a nipped paw and he is playing it to the halt. Nipping is unacceptable. A lesson for Franklin.

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