June 10, 2019 Monday evening

The night before the writer leaves for the start of the big ride. I will head to East Lansing, Michigan tomorrow early. One last ride this morning with Louise.

Yesterday, Sunday, on the Joe B ride, I was thinking about tattoos. Would not the four of the fellas going on the big ride, be neat and have matching tattoo. I want a Jolly Rodger with blood shot eyes. But no, Louise would not think it would be neat if I came home with one.

Then I thought we do not have a group name. So here it is:

Michigan Peat and the Argonauts

Michigan Pete, our leader will be Jason.

Steve, number two, will take Hercules’s place on our journey.

Jeff, our sag fella, will have to ferry at the end of the day, so he will be Kharon the ferryman. He will ferry/sag me across the river Styx.

Keeping with the classic Greek theme, The writer will be Homer.

I hope the fellas like their new nicknames.

Onward and upward.

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