July 6, 2019 Saturday

The rascal of a GPS run out of power again. The ride was 60 miles before Jeff picked a wet writer and a crabby Franklin. Jeff took the gang into Augusta where we are in The Bunk House Inn. THEY say it was a real hotel/bunk house for cowboys.

Rogers Pass the high point was tough for the writer but with a mile to go, the head wind turned into a tail wind. Thank you, God!

Franklin at the top!

Two neat couples. The men are REAL COWBOYS, not dressed up!

Ice cream for Franklin then off to bed.

For folks who are new to my BLOG and are wondering, what’s up with this Franklin and why is he so special? Franklin is my cancer buddy. In 2015, I had 6 months of chemo and Franklin was right there for me. Then he stay with me as I started to ride again. The start was 5 mile rides and now we are riding across the country. Many folks helped me get back. My cancer is back but we are still on the right side of the road.

These two nurses were a great help also. Franklin was young and clean.

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