July 9, 2019 Tuesday REST DAY

The writer was not able to upload yesterday as the internet was lousy. With today a rest day, I am camping at a coffee shop in Fort Benton, Montana. Yesterday’s ride was a 52 mile ride and THEY put two climbs in it.

We left a good ranch house yesterday morning and had 4 miles of gravel road before we hit pavement.

Our host Sunday night, Ron and Becky. Becky served us a great dinner and packed us a lunch for Monday. Super Thanks!
We are in the land of few trees. So when one is found, it is special. Note Christmas decorations.
Franklin and SHEP. Shep wait for his master, a sheep header, for 4 years at the train station, Fort Benton. The master died and he never returned. Shep waited until he died. Franklin is forever faithful also!

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